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Hello! We are Rec4Youth, a non-profit organization comprised of a group of people who hope to make a difference in the world. Our mission started in November of 2012 – we were new, but passionate. Since then, we have developed our youth council, affiliated with the City of Mississauga (2014), and become a federal charity (2017).

Since our inception, we began with outdoor basketball drop-in and soccer outreach programs in the Spring/Summer of 2013 in the Streetsville neighbourhood, along with some yummy BBQs of course! We then began partnering with various community change makers such as Erin Mills Youth and Peel Youth Village. We targeted neighbourhoods that were considered high need in our city such as Dundas & Erin Mills Parkway, Ridgeway & the Collegeway, Glen Erin & Britannia, Creditview & Britannia/Bristol, and Hurontario & Elia (Acorn Community).

Through our partnerships, with Peel Youth Village in particular, we were able to offer a tutoring program for youth in the Acorn and Glen Erin & Britannia communities, and self-esteem workshops in the Ridgeway & the Collegeway area. We also began to provide Christmas/holiday gifts and backpacks in the summer to youth within each partnered community. In 2015, we developed a partnership relationship with youth in the city of Taiwan completing an exchange and sending our students there in July and hosting their students here in August! This has truly been an amazing and fruitful partnership. In 2018 we expanded our basketball drop-in programs to St. Martin Secondary School, to Erindale High School in Fall 2019 and to Lincoln Alexander Secondary School in Malton as of Early 2020.

It has been an amazing journey and we continue to reach youth and young adults all over the city of Mississauga! We encourage you to sign-up for updates using the subscribe link below!

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